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Equipping the next generation with the financial knowledge needed to thrive

Who are we?

There is a problem among underprivileged youth today: many lack the knowledge to make smart financial decisions up until adulthood. We’re headquartered in California, and thanks to the thousands of students and dozens of chapters, there's a little part of Youth for Finance in almost every US state and many countries around the world. We believe in the next generation of student leaders that accelerate social progress and propel innovation. That's why we think it's time for the lack of financial education to stop getting in the way. Our mission is to equip the youth with the resources to make better financial decisions.

Our National Officers

Alex Chen

Founder and CEO

Nikson Alex


Jacob Yuryev

Chief Operating Officer & President of YFF Consulting

Milad Rasoli

Chief Financial Officer & Vice President of YFF Consulting

Evan Tu

Chief Technology Officer

Nikhil Tadepalli

Operations Lead

Varadan Kalkunte

VP of Professional Dev.

Jack Rong

VP of Marketing

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